Smartrac Midas NXP - NTAG203 x 20



Smartrac is a well respected and well established NFC brand that provides high end tags for very specific use. One of the smallest NFC tags on the market 

The Midas is designed to be as small as possible whilst still providing a decent and reliable read range - its not uncommon to see these tags on, behind or inside products as the size of the tag makes it hard to notice. Commonly used as Product ID's, Serial Numbers, Product authentication, SKU, Device authentication, Gaming and arts projects, Advertising and Visual arts.

The disadvantage to such a uniquely functional tag is that, due to its nature, it is fragile, cannot be custom produced and is not for use on metal.  

User Memory: 144 bytes

URL Length : 132 characters

Text Length: 130 characters

Type Tag
Lead Time Available
Manufacturer Smartrac
Color Clear
Chip NXP NTAG203
Adhesive         yes
Material PP
Shape Rectangle
Size 12 x 19mm
Thickness 0.189mm
Waterproof no
Credit Cards