Smart NFC Stickers



The Smart NFC Sticker pack is a great solution for your NFC needs around the house,

The pack includes 12 printed NTAG213 stickers for use in the home, car or office. These are not encoded but have logos to represent their use - 
- Map Marker (Log location, turn gps on/off, etc)
- House Sticker (Automation, smart-lights lights, etc)
- Messenger Sticker (Call contact, Store contact, etc)
- Airplane Sticker (Airplane mode on off)
- Phone Sticker (Begin/End call, Call contact, etc)
- Bluetooth Sticker (Turn-on bluetooth, Begin file exchange, etc)
- Wifi Sticker (Turn-on wifi, Give Wifi access, etc)
- Power Sticker (Self explanatory)
- Message Sticker (Send pre-recorded message, compose message, etc)
- Music Sticker (Play/Stop, Mute, etc)
- Car (Handsfree mode on/off)
- Alarm (Set alarm, Turn off Alarm, etc)

All stickers require encoding- they can be fully written and read, and are not restricted to the express purpose of the sticker logo.

144 bytes memory. 

Type Tag
Lead Time Available/15 Working Day for Custom
Manufacturer NFC Wireless
Colour Various
Chip NXP NTAG213
Adhesive yes
Material PET plastic, No Ferrite, Not suitable for placement on metal
Shape Circle
Size 30mm
Thickness 0.5mm
Credit Cards