NTAG213 Blank Cards

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Our PVC Blank cards are perhaps the most common buy-in for commercial NFC use. 
PVC Card uses are common place with identification, by adding NFC to this, the application of cards can extend to

- Control Access,
- Log Attendance,
- Pass on VCards,
- Second factor authentication
- or even just Identify Authorised Persons and VIPs.

Of course these are just a few examples, and naturally they can be used at a consumer level - the main benefit of this type of its tag is its ability to be readily carried on a persons at all times. 

Custom Production orders are available regarding both printing, encoding, adhesive and shape.

Type Blank Card
Lead Time Available/15 working day custom order
Manufacturer NFC Wireless
Color White/Gloss
Chip NXP NTAG213
Adhesive no
Material PVC    
Shape Rectangle (85 x 54 mm)
Size 144 Bytes user memory
Waterproof water resistant


NFC Forum Type 2 Tag

7 Byte Serial Number

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