Key Fob - NTAG213


Lets face it, keys are a necessity and are almost always going to be carried - why not add some functionality to your keys!

These key fobs contain the new rewritable NDEF formatted NTAG213 chips.
They are NFC Forum Type 2 tags.
Key fobs can conveniently be used in the home, car or work place for:
  • Access control
  • Open a URL
  • Open an app
  • Turn wifi on/off
  • Turn mobile on/off
  • Turn flight mode on/off
  • Turn flashlight on/off


Type Key Fob    
Lead Time Available
Manufacturer NFC Wireless
Color Blue
Chip NXP NTAG213
Adhesive no
Material ABS
Shape  Tear drop
Size 30mm
Thickness 5mm
Waterproof yes
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