ABS Industrial NFC Tag



Looking for a hardy NFC Tag for Commercial and Industrial Use? Look no further, our 35mm ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) are designed to take punishment.

The most common use of these tags is on Industrial Plant, Vehicles, Factories - anywhere that a NFC tag would be exposed to risks such as extreme vibration, crash hazards, weather, etc. 

Waterproof and temperature resistant - this tag also contains a Ferrite layer and is suitable for use on metal surfaces.

These tags are also commonly used on the outside of houses and for property management - a very versatile tag. 

We do provide custom production of these tags, however it is notable that if a custom print is required, there will be an extra cost involved to produce the Mold for a custom printed tag.


Type Tag
Lead Time Available/15 Working Day for Custom
Manufacturer NFC Wireless
Colour Black
Chip NXP NTAG213
Adhesive yes
Material ABS, Ferrite Layer - suitable for metal surfaces
Shape Circle with Screw Hole for attachment
Size 35mm
Credit Cards