NFC Use In Business

There are lots of use cases for NFC technology in business. Below is a summary of current and potential NFC solutions available.

Inventory & Asset Management

NFC Smartphones and mobile or web based applications, offer an affordable means for assets to be tracked. Each product, equipment or machinery is assigned an NFC tag, that is encoded with a unique ID.

Retail Marketing & Advertising

The use of NFC tags in the retail sector provide opportunities for marketing, promotions, discounts and customer loyalty programs. Customers with NFC Smartphones can access product information, view special deals and connect to retail outlets via social media. 

NFC Wireless supplied NFC cards to Telstra for marketing handsets in their retails stores.


NFC offers a quick and effective means of transferring information encoded on signs and posters to user devices.

NFC Wireless supplied NFC decals to Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority for their heritage tourist walk. 


Access Control

NFC technology provides a quick and easy access control method for buildings such as hospitals and schools. NFC can also be used at events such as trade shows, festivals and concerts, as well as for theme parks.

NFC Wireless supplied the Starlight Childrens Foundation with NFC cards in2015 for clients and staff to gain access into designated kids entertainment rooms in the hospitals in Sydney and Melbourne. 

Employee Attendance

Attendance of employees at work sites can easily be recorded using NFC smartphones and mobile or web based applications.

NFC Wireless supplied Roden Security in Sydney with NFC decals in 2015. Roden Security staff use their mobile phone to tap the NFC decals displayed at every business they patrol, each time they visit the premises. 


NFC has lots of potential for use in the health care industry. Medical professionals are able to monitor and update patient records stored in hospital/clinic databases using NFC wristbands and tablets.

NFC Wireless supplied NFC cards to Belgravia Health and Care in 2015 for their community care providers. Using NFC staff cards and client stickers, Belgravia Health and Care can track the arrival and exit times of each client's appointment. This ensures clients are receiving their required care and helps manage staff safety. Belgravia Health and Care uses NFC technology instead of GPS technology, as NFC can prove that their staff member has been inside a dwelling, not just near it.


NFC technology provides opportunities for the transport industry. Vehicle safety checks using NFC Smartphones and NFC tags is a potential use case.

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