Tap to Print becomes a reality with Samsung Galaxy S4

On: May 02, 2013 Under: Android, Nfc, Printing, Solutions

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has introduced three separate mobile printing solutions that will make it possible to print from mobile devices with only a few simple taps. Available on the GALAXY S4, these mobile printing solutions consist of a mobile printing app for both smartphones and tablets, a built-in “Print” command in the mobile operating system, as well as the integration of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology in several new Samsung printers.

NFC wireless wins global NFC design competition for making NFC easy for all

On: Feb 04, 2013 Under: About us, Awards, Nfc, Solutions, Tagster.it

SMARTRAC N.V., the leading developer, manufacturer, and supplier of RFID transponders and inlays, today announced Albury-based NFCWireless.com.au as the winner of its global NFCtags.com partner competition.

NFCWireless.com.au has been awarded first place in a global NFC product design competition due to the ease of use of its Tagster Hotdots and Tagster.it app, which allows anyone with an NFC phone to customize NFC tags to perform complex tasks regardless of design or technology skills. It thereby embodies the vision of NFC.

NFC Wireless and working with Entrepreneurs

On: Dec 14, 2012 Under: About us, Nfc, Solutions, Sponsorship, Video

NFC Wireless' parent company Commerce In Motion has been busy this year sponsoring entrepreneurs in NFC exploration through the UTS U-Lab course in Entrepreneurship for 2012. 

During the course we explored new potential use cases for applying NFC to industry and specific user groups and also practiced emerging design thinking to hone our approach to new product innovation.

But don't let us tell you all about it, check out more info in the video and article that follow.

Which mobile OS is most popular in Australia?

On: Dec 14, 2012 Under: Android, Nfc

iOS has been the obvious answer to this mundane and obvious question for many years. But as of this year, not anymore. According to recent Telsyte research Andoid now deliver 44% of Australian smart phone operating systems, to Apples' 43%. Given Australia's long held love affair with Apple's iPhone, this is a milestone of some note.

The drivers for this are given as lower cost devices, more choice in devices and responsive design across platforms (you don't have to build and maintain multiple versions). With Apple releasing one phone per annum and the need to now respond to smaller tablets entering the market, it will be interesting to see these same figures in a year's time.

NFC and QR, what is the difference?

On: Dec 11, 2012 Under: Nfc, Qr codes, Solutions, Tagster.it, Tappy.com.au

A lot of clients ask us why NFC over QR or what situations to use each in. Here are the basics:

QR offers a link and has no production cost if being placed into printed media. At high resolution it reads well with most cameras if printed on a flat, non-reflective surface.

NFC offers over 20 additional interactions (and growing) to turn on phone functions, set preferences, launch apps, pass through data to third parties to 'order' things. It can do this because it allows data to be written and read from the tag, can be encrypted and can be used in or on almost any material or product.


NFC labels in Medical Healthcare

On: Dec 05, 2012 Under: About us, Health, Medical

NFC enabled medical bandsNFC labels are becoming prominent in many industries as more and more smart phones are equipped with Near Field Communications (NFC). The NFC hardware in these devices lets them read NFC stickers and labels, and capture the data that is stored in them. 

With an NFC reader users can read NFC stickers and labels, and capture the data that is stored in them. Uses are booming in banking, marketing, and finance fields but NFC labels can also be extremely helpful in healthcare as well.

Falls Creek becomes first NFC enabled town in Australia

On: Aug 31, 2012 Under: About us, Falls creek

NFC Wireless enables first Australian townNFCWireless.com.au has enabled Falls Creek to become the first town in Australia, and one of very few worldwide, to be fully connected using Near Field Communication (NFC).

NFC is an emerging technology that is set to become an enabler for an estimated $170Bn in Global transactions in the next 3-5 years. 

9 of the top 10 new phone handsets include NFC technology with a myriad of other devices also having the technology on board, the opportunities are looming very large. 

Australia Gets Online NFC Store - woot woot

On: Dec 06, 2015 Under: Nfc, Nfc australia, Nfc tags

By Mike Clark NFC World 26/02/12

An online NFC store has opened in Australia. NFC Wireless supplies tags, readers and software, and can provide encoding, printing and NFC software development services. The store also offers a range of A$5 unbranded NFC window stickers for functions such as “Follow us on Twitter” and “Check in here”. “We will strive to be Australia’s NFC provider of choice,” says CEO Justine Mittelheuser.


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