Telstra and NFC Wireless

On: Oct 04, 2016 Under:

At NFC Wireless, we're always looking to provide new and exciting NFC applications for professional and personal desires alike. Recently, NFC teamed up with the Telstra Discover Store in Melbourne to streamline how customers review and compare potential purchases. 

By providing customers with a NFC card and having the visual display units (VDUs) tagged with NFC tech - the consumers have an opportunity to create their own digital catalogue whilst browsing in a physical space.

Customers Begin by tapping the NFC cards to the desired products VDU, which generates a digital log, readily accessible online, for a more thorough comparison at their discretion.

Once generated the customers can see a side by side comparison of the potential purchases by reviewing cost and specifications. i.e. a digital, user-generated catalogue.

This new application of NFC provides benefits for both the consumer and the supplier. 
It provides the customer with more control over the purchasing process; primarily allowing for a genuinely uncomplicated and objective comparison of products, without dealing with personal opinions and confirmation bias. 

The new tech also provides Telstra with all the benefits that accompany user-generated content - notably, the absence of a costly and outdated scattergun approach to catalogue marketing.

NFC Wireless is proud to partner with the Telstra Discovery Store and to provide Australians with Unique NFC solutions everyday. 

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