Tappy: A complete NFC solution,

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      Many NFC clients are stuck in a precarious position - they can see the long term benefits of NFC for inventory tracking, task recording, marketing, logistics, auth, access, etc - the main obstacle is that producing an application and getting custom NFC tags can be a very costly endeavour.

      To help with this, NFC wireless has rereleased Tappy with an introductory starter pack - for $500 business can acquire the application, licensing and support for 12 months as well as a few tags to get you started.

      Why use Tappy? 

      Tappy aims to minimise the systematic confusion whilst emphasising analytics and data. 
      It provides the entire backend and data base, leading to a more dynamic user experience. 

      For example, a marketer may use an NFC tag to provide a specific URL link for rewards or promotions. The tag on the POS or a poster would have a URL encoded to the memory and most often, is then locked to prevent malicious rewrites. This system works but any alterations would require a new tag or at minimum, be in the location of the tag. 

      With Tappy, the tags unique identifier is matched with the database - from here we can dynamically update data as well as provide analytics on who, when, where, how, and did they follow through. Once the tag is placed, you can keep it updated from the database!

      NFC Wireless is here to help with NFC 'teething-problems' and with Tappy, we can offer a comprehensive NFC experience for your and your user. 

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