Smart Door Locks

On: May 13, 2016 Under: Nfc, Nfc australia, Nfc cards, Nfc door locks, Smartphones

Unlock doors using NFC Enabled Smartphones 

  • No more keys
  • No more codes
  • No more swipe cards
  • The NFC Door Lock is your most convenient access control device on the market

How does the NFC Door Lock work?

If you have an NFC enabled smartphone you can use your phone as a keycard to gain access into your front door. Feedback from the market on the NFC Door Lock has been extremely positive.  Having the benefit of using your smartphone as your wallet and key requirements is an elementary step to integrating your life into one simple device.

 Compatible Smartphones

  • Any device with NFC enabled
  • Samsung, Android, HTC, etc

iPhone’s are NFC enabled

Yes, Apple have released the new iPhone 6 and 6+ with NFC capability. However, so far the phone has only been enabled to work with Apple Pay and is locked for third party applications.




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