NFC technology just had its biggest obstacle removed. Apple.

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NFC technology has always been a hot contender for the next barcode or QRcode - however there has been the widespread problem with adoption due to the fact, iOS does NOT support NFC capability. 

After years of controversy, including a rather long battle with Australian Banks, Apple has finally succumbed to the publics demand. 

For a more detailed look, follow this link to Apples Dev page

Previously, NFC technology was available to roughly 50% of the Australian Market, as half use Android. With this new release, virtually 100% of the market can use NFC technology which means accessibly will arrive at an all time high and subsequently opportunities for NFC technology may more than double. 
You've gotta commend Apple for finally conceding their intentions to put a stranglehold on their NFC usage,

Smart Door Locks

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Unlock doors using NFC Enabled Smartphones 

  • No more keys
  • No more codes
  • No more swipe cards
  • The NFC Door Lock is your most convenient access control device on the market

How does the NFC Door Lock work?

If you have an NFC enabled smartphone you can use your phone as a keycard to gain access into your front door. Feedback from the market on the NFC Door Lock has been extremely positive.  Having the benefit of using your smartphone as your wallet and key requirements is an elementary step to integrating your life into one simple device.

 Compatible Smartphones

  • Any device with NFC enabled
  • Samsung, Android, HTC, etc

iPhone’s are NFC enabled

Yes, Apple have released the new iPhone 6 and 6+ with NFC capability. However, so far the phone has only been enabled to work with Apple Pay and is locked for third party applications.




2/3 of Aussies Prefer Contactless

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By Rian Boden NFC World 2/12/15

Almost two thirds of Australian consumers (64%) prefer contactless payments to cash and 66% prefer using tap and go to entering their PIN for transactions under $100, research from Mastercard reveals. “Shoppers in West Australia have the highest preference for contactless payments in the country (72%), followed by shoppers in New South Wales (67%), Victoria and Tasmania (66%),” the payment network says.

Air New Zealand gives children NFC wristbands to track their journey

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By Rian Boden NFC World 30 November 2015

“When checking in at the airport, the child travelling will be given a special wristband,” the airline says. “When they reach certain stages of their journey and their Airband is scanned by staff, contacts provided will receive a text message notifying them where the child is on their journey.

“Up to five drop-off and pick-up contacts can be nominated to receive text messages at the following stages — on check-in at the airport to confirm registration; when boarding the plane; when their flight has landed and they are handed over to ground staff [and] when they are picked up by the designated pick-up person.”

Peace of mind

“The airline’s new service applies to all children aged between five and eleven who are travelling alone, but those aged up to sixteen years can choose to opt-in,” Air New Zealand adds. “The service is being offered on a complimentary basis through until 3 February 2016. Bookings made from this date will incur a fee of US$15 per child for each one way domestic journey, or $40 per child for each one way international journey applies.”

“We know that having your child travel on their own can be a nervous time for both children and their guardians,” says Carrie Hurihanganui, Air New Zealand’s general manager of customer experience. “We believe this is the first time this type of technology has been used by an airline anywhere in the world for the purpose of providing caregivers greater peace of mind when their child is travelling alone.

“We have been trialling it across our network over recent months and the feedback from parents and guardians has been very positive with many welcoming the additional reassurance of knowing where in the journey their child is.”

The Future of NFC is not all about Commerce

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Other Uses of NFC 

Cameron Faulkner from Techradar 17 November 2015 

Passive NFC 'tags' are being built into posters and informational kiosks to transmit additional information similar to how scanning a QR code can trigger launching a web address, offering a discount coupon, or a map to download on your smartphone.

Another practical use of NFC is with Bluetooth speakers and headphones. Many devices brandish the NFC logo, which means that by holding your smartphone to the NFC-enabled device, you'll be able to connect via Bluetooth much faster than pairing devices manually.



Swatch to launch NFC smartwatch

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Swiss watchmaker Swatch Group is to launch a smartwatch that includes NFC and mobile payments capabilities and works with both Android and Windows phones, CEO Nick Hayek has told Bloomberg. “Swatch is in talks with retailers on its payment system, Hayek said, without naming them. The device will enter the market in two to three months.”

NFC phones available now

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For a comprehensive list of all the NFC enabled phones around the world, refer to NFC World's NFC Phones - Definitive List

NFC Use Cases

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18 Creative & Useful Ways To Use NFC Tags With Your Smartphone – 2014 Update

1. At home

2. In the car

3. Working out in peace

4. On the bedside table – to fall asleep and wake up

5. Turn on your computer remotely

6. On your set of keys

7. Create a hotspot for your laptop or tablet

8. Save battery on your mobile

9. Turn on/off your lights at home

10. At the office

11. Set timers

12. In your wallet - as a business card

13. Start tasks on your smartphone

14. Give others access to your wifi

15. Lock & unlock doors

16. Control NFC devices with a ring

17. NFC tags in Education

18. NFC tags in Business

By  on February 8, 2014 

NXP's NTAG213 chip soon to replace NTAG203

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The new NTAG213 NFC tags come with 144 bytes of user memory with password protection and are compatible with NFC Forum Type 2 tag and ISO/IEC14443 Type A standards. They also offer UID mirroring, enabling every tag to be easily identified as unique without requiring users to encode tags with serial numbers.

NFC Wireless key fobs & blank cards contain the latest NTAG213 chips.

Advertising Agency WHYBIN/TBWA

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Used our NFC stickers in their latest Sydney showroom exhibition for NRMA





Do you accept Bitcoin? We do!

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As a tech business we pride ourselves in being at the uphill side of the curve. We are always on the hunt for new ways to improve our services and we have watched with interest in a new technology called Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a decentralised digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network.

Head on over to our mates at based in Melbourne Australia or check out in the USA to get yourself set up! 

If you think you have seen it all ... check out the NFC Ring on Kickstarter

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Found this fun project on Kickstarter, shows the interest in NFC with meeting its fund raising goal in 3 days. John McLear was looking for 30,000GBP and is at nearly 90,000GBP at the time of writing! 

From their site we saw "The NFC Ring can be used to unlock doors, mobile phones and to transfer information and link people." AND it is open source. Of course you can do all the above with any NFC tag bought right here, but it is good fun to see how these clever folks are putting into an every day use. 

Keep in touch with the project, you might even want to support it. Good luck NFC Ring! Go you good thing. 

Gotta love the NFC devices coming out ... fingers crossed for Sony's NFC Smart Watches

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'Sony Xperia’s Twitter account has published two teaser images along with the hashtag #MAE13, which is the official hashtag for the Mobile Asia Expo taking place in Shanghai next week.

The first message says “1 in 3 smartphone users want smart wrist wear” while the second message simply says “tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock” along with an image of the Sony Smartwatch.'

Rumored to have NFC on board, how would you use an NFC Smart Watch?

From Ubergizmo, great blog for latest tech; check out the full article here.


Wondering which devices have NFC? Ensure your hardware and tags play well together

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This has to be one of the first three questions we get asked all day every day. Simple answer in Australia is 9 out of the top 10 phones sold in Australia today have NFC on board. Obviously all except the iPhone.

If you want a more detailed answer the most current list we have found is this one here from List of NFC enabled phones.

And another more readily scanned list is the one on Wikipedia, not as current, but easier to scan quickly to see if your handset: Check it out here.

Happy hunting for the right handset for your project, and be sure to confirm which versions of the NFC Forum Tag Types are best to work with. Not all of them play with all hardware.

If in doubt, don't be shy and ask!

Shipments of NFC enabled phones grows 300% in 2012

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Berg Insight predicts this will continue to grow at nearly 50% per annum to reach 1 billion units by 2017.

Global sales of handsets featuring NFC, the technology required to make contact-less payments, grew 300 per cent in 2012 to reach 140 million units, market research firm Berg Insight has found.

Wider adoption of NFC in mobile phones began in 2011 and accelerated in 2012 when the top-ten handset vendors released nearly 100 NFC-enabled models.

We hope your plans to use NFC in your business are coming together and to read the full article you can find it here.

ACMA just published some NFC Research; a must read for your NFC business case

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If you haven't seen this report it is will worth a read. It gives a great summary on NFC technology, perfect to broaden your understanding, get some ideas and build your business case for use within your own business.

The report gives a range of uses of NFC including "loyalty cards stored on mobile phones, electronic locks, accessing advertising and marketing information and sharing social information by holding or ‘bumping’ two phones together." It also adds that payments are 5 to 10 years, something we concur with, hence our focus with our clients on what to do with 20% of users at end of 2013 with an NFC-enabled phone. The opportunities to delight customers and improve processes are endless.

Incoming disruption: Near Field Communication (NFC) - Electronics News

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NFC Wireless is a proud NSW based business and as we are catering to early adopters and developers of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology we get written up all the time by different media at conferences and trade shows.

Recently Isaac Leung from Electronics News had a sit down with Patrick Crooks, our Strategy and Consulting Manager. Read on to see why we believe 2013 will be the year of change.

Buying quality NFC tags could not be easier!

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NFC Wireless are NFC pioneers, having opened Australia's first online NFC store in early 2012. Supplying quality NFC tags is paramount at NFC Wireless. We are proud partners of Smartrac Technology - world leaders in NFC technology.

NFC payments to get a boost in Australia

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EFTPOS Australia is partnering with C-SAM to to set up trials with 10 Aussie retailers to offer payments via NFC-enabled mobile phones soon. C-SAM will offer a white labelled product and wallet to allow broad adoption over the EFTPOS network in Australia within 3 years. Could be a game changer and yet another sign that handset adoption is behind us and time to get solutions ready to go.

NFC-enabled smartphones set to double in 2013

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According to Strategy Analytics' blog most new LTE (long term evolution) 4G handsets will have NFC installed in 2013. The technology is now supported as a default inclusion in top end Samsung, Blackberry, Google, Microsoft, Motorola, HTC to name a few.

9 out of 10 top selling handsets in Australia now include NFC, and given sales growth rates of Android devices, the projected doubling of NFC-enabled devices in this report would seem assured.

Retailers - no need to wait for NFC payments to use NFC today

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Brick and mortar retailers are not waiting for mobile payments and are leveraging mobile solutions already in the market, such as mobile advertising, couponing, loyalty cards and alternative payments, to drive footfall in stores, and convert that footfall into revenues. We can help you use NFC today to achieve all of the above. Get in touch now with our sales team to find out how we can help you:

Tap to Print becomes a reality with Samsung Galaxy S4

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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has introduced three separate mobile printing solutions that will make it possible to print from mobile devices with only a few simple taps. Available on the GALAXY S4, these mobile printing solutions consist of a mobile printing app for both smartphones and tablets, a built-in “Print” command in the mobile operating system, as well as the integration of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology in several new Samsung printers.

NFC wireless wins global NFC design competition for making NFC easy for all

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SMARTRAC N.V., the leading developer, manufacturer, and supplier of RFID transponders and inlays, today announced Albury-based as the winner of its global partner competition. has been awarded first place in a global NFC product design competition due to the ease of use of its Tagster Hotdots and app, which allows anyone with an NFC phone to customize NFC tags to perform complex tasks regardless of design or technology skills. It thereby embodies the vision of NFC.

NFC Wireless and working with Entrepreneurs

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NFC Wireless' parent company Commerce In Motion has been busy this year sponsoring entrepreneurs in NFC exploration through the UTS U-Lab course in Entrepreneurship for 2012. 

During the course we explored new potential use cases for applying NFC to industry and specific user groups and also practiced emerging design thinking to hone our approach to new product innovation.

But don't let us tell you all about it, check out more info in the video and article that follow.

Which mobile OS is most popular in Australia?

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iOS has been the obvious answer to this mundane and obvious question for many years. But as of this year, not anymore. According to recent Telsyte research Andoid now deliver 44% of Australian smart phone operating systems, to Apples' 43%. Given Australia's long held love affair with Apple's iPhone, this is a milestone of some note.

The drivers for this are given as lower cost devices, more choice in devices and responsive design across platforms (you don't have to build and maintain multiple versions). With Apple releasing one phone per annum and the need to now respond to smaller tablets entering the market, it will be interesting to see these same figures in a year's time.

NFC and QR, what is the difference?

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A lot of clients ask us why NFC over QR or what situations to use each in. Here are the basics:

QR offers a link and has no production cost if being placed into printed media. At high resolution it reads well with most cameras if printed on a flat, non-reflective surface.

NFC offers over 20 additional interactions (and growing) to turn on phone functions, set preferences, launch apps, pass through data to third parties to 'order' things. It can do this because it allows data to be written and read from the tag, can be encrypted and can be used in or on almost any material or product.


Australia Gets Online NFC Store - woot woot

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By Mike Clark NFC World 26/02/12

An online NFC store has opened in Australia. NFC Wireless supplies tags, readers and software, and can provide encoding, printing and NFC software development services. The store also offers a range of A$5 unbranded NFC window stickers for functions such as “Follow us on Twitter” and “Check in here”. “We will strive to be Australia’s NFC provider of choice,” says CEO Justine Mittelheuser.


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