Hydraulink, NFC Wireless and the Hydratag system

On: Oct 27, 2016 Under:

Hydraulink has been operating as hose and fitting specialists with over 400 service points in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region and operates 24/7. From this standpoint it's easy to see why asset management is such an important element for streamlining operations.

The Hydraulink Hydratag system was developed to optimise the process of breakdown repair and preventative maintenance. 
In the even of a hose breakage, the Hydratag itself provides a point-of-access that allows the clients to scan the hose in question with the Hydraulink application on their phone. This subsequently relays data of the exact hose specifications and its location to the Hydralink team; who can arrive with the correct equipment first time, every time.

Additionally the system is used for preventative maintenance. The system stores analytics about the tagged hoses allowing for the optimisation of refitting and planned maintenance - preventing disaster before it happens. The system can even alert you by email for scheduled hose replacements. 


NFC Wireless developed a radical new ABS enclosure for the worlds smallest NFC tag from SMARTRAC N.V, working closely with Hydraulink to decide the best design, features and fitting of the Hydratag system. The Hydratag is designed to withstand 1000's of hours of use on a Hydraulink hydraulic hose and heavy machinery.
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