NFC the key selling point in Sony's new camera

On: Jul 04, 2013 Under: Android, Innovaitons, Nfc australia, Nfc camera, Nfc marketing, Nfc research, Nfc tags, Retail, Solutions

The key selling point behind the RX100 II is the camera’s Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity, as Sony Australia marketing manager for Digital Imaging Ervin Quek explained.

“Sony’s strategy behind NFC is to simplify the connection of its RX100 II with One-touch to smartphones and tablets. Once connected, users can remotely control the camera’s shutter release from their mobile device, instantly receive the captured image via Wi-Fi and upload the transferred images straightaway to their favourite social networking site.”

It is this simple approach that Quek said made NFC capability an easy sell for retailers. With a simple demonstration of ‘one-touch’ connection, retailers are able to grab the attention of consumers who have previously been required to use complex connections to get their devices to pair.

“NFC makes it incredibly easy to wirelessly connect devices without complicated set-up,” said Quek. “Usually connecting devices requires reasonable technical knowledge, a PIN, passwords, special cables or docks and often a pinch of luck! It often leads to frustration and confusion.

“One-touch products eliminate this frustration. Simply touch two NFC products together and within moments, they're connected.”

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