ACMA just published some NFC Research; a must read for your NFC business case

On: Jun 06, 2013 Under: Nfc, Nfc australia, Nfc payments, Nfc research, Nfc tags, Solutions

If you haven't seen this report it is will worth a read. It gives a great summary on NFC technology, perfect to broaden your understanding, get some ideas and build your business case for use within your own business. See Index at right -->

The document also touches on the main difference between NFC (two way data) and RFID (one way), covers the rise of smartphone usages of NFC and the expanding market potential of NFC-enabled applications for business and social contexts.

The report gives a range of uses of NFC including "loyalty cards stored on mobile phones, electronic locks, accessing advertising and marketing information and sharing social information by holding or ‘bumping’ two phones together." It also adds that payments are 5 to 10 years, something we concur with, hence our focus with our clients on what to do with 20% of users at end of 2013 with an NFC-enabled phone. The opportunities to delight customers and improve processes are endless.

The report provides a wide range of commentary on the drivers of take-up of NFC. These are in the main addressed or accelerating and are:

  1. The availability of NFC-enabled smartphones and devices,
  2. Killer apps to drive use,
  3. Consumer confidence in the protections that apply,
  4. Availability of personal and financial transactions and,
  5. Continued investment in NFC payments systems.

The document then goes on to highlight the regulatory gaps as the technology of NFC is a "converged communications activity that combines smartphone device functionality, access to spectrum and the downloading of software applications (apps) to deliver a service." This latter part of the report will be of interest to government and regulatory readers, but we felt the document had some great observations on the alignment on market conditions and trends that supports our post last week of 2013 being the year for NFC in a very wide range of applications.

What will be of particular interest to those of us who like to influence things is that ACMA have also called for feedback on what it takes to speed the adoption of NFC. Go ahead and share your two-bob here: 

Read the full report here and well done to ACMA for collating and distributing the info. It is a helpful step forward for all who hope to benefit from the advantages of NFC over other solutions.

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