Keen to dig deeper into smartphone wallets?

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Sometimes it is hard to find a good collection of wallet apps when you are looking for one. We recently found one the SMH pulled together here on smartphone wallets and thought we would share it.

It covers off the localised efforts around Sydney mainly but also includes stored-value options being used on various phone/operating system combinations and the Apple in store purchase option using their Apple Store app. 

Wallet apps reviewed in the article include:

  • Clipp (iPhone, Android, Blackberry 10): for paying bar tabs at participating bars
  • Ingogo (iPhone, Android): paying for cabs in Sydney
  • PayPal (iPhone, Android, Windows): new local feature to pay at participating vendors
  • Commbank Kaching (iPhone): you will need the enabled case for $49.95, but it lets you pay for items under $100 with your phone
  • Apple Store (iPhone ... der!): pay for items in-store with your Apple ID.

We would love to hear from anyone with any others worth adding to the list or your experience with the above. Email us at

Read the full article here for more: 



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