NFC payments to get a boost in Australia

On: May 14, 2013 Under: Android, Nfc, Nfc payments, Retail, Smartphones, Solutions

At NFC Wireless we typically don't pay too much heed to payments news regarding NFC use payments. Of course it is looming large, but too often it is a far off possibility. Not to mention we are focused on keeping up with all the 'here and now' opportunities NFC is presenting for our innovative clients.

However ... today one story caught our eye. That of EFTPOS Australia partnering with C-SAM to to set up trials with 10 Aussie retailers to offer payments via NFC-enabled mobile phones soon. C-SAM will offer a white labelled product and wallet to allow broad adoption over the EFTPOS network in Australia within 3 years.

 Could be a game changer and yet another sign that handset adoption is behind us and time to get solutions ready to go. Read the full story here on ZDNet:

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