NFC-enabled smartphones set to double in 2013

On: May 08, 2013 Under: Growth rate, Nfc, Smartphones

According to Strategy Analytics' blog most new LTE (long term evolution) 4G handsets will have NFC installed in 2013. The technology is now supported as a default inclusion in top end Samsung, Blackberry, Google, Microsoft, Motorola, HTC to name a few.

9 out of 10 top selling handsets in Australia now include NFC, and given sales growth rates of Android devices, the projected doubling of NFC-enabled devices in this report would seem assured. With current estimates put present NFC-enabled handsets at around 10%, so we should be looking at ~20% by year end.

NFC Wireless can directly confirm this having seen in March the product ranges on display at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. All major manufacturers are including NFC in their flag ship models now, with the technology to filter down into the broader range. Especially Sony and Motorola have some fantastic new uses for the technology, more on that soon.

Notably missing from this lineup is Apple having omitted NFC from the iPhone5. Watch this space with rumours abounding that the iPhone 5S is to include the technology in the slated release in the second half of the year. If that were to happen then the number of NFC-enabled mobile devices with NFC would certainly hit 25%+.

Exciting times! Best start now if your business will be ready to take advantage of the opportunities.


Read the full post from Strategy Analytics here (note subscriber only). 

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