Retailers - no need to wait for NFC payments to use NFC today

On: May 06, 2013 Under: Android, Nfc, Retail, Solutions

A recent report showed that 67% of smart phone owners are using their phones for shopping. Are you helping them use their smart phones to find your store? Or perhaps you can let your customers link to more information on your services, deliver technical specifications on your products or even encourage registration of warranties. 

Brick and mortar retailers around the world and around the corner are not waiting for mobile payments and are leveraging mobile solutions already in the market. They are offering mobile advertising, couponing, loyalty cards and alternative payments, to drive footfall in stores, and convert that footfall into revenues. For more info on this research you can read it here:

NFC Wireless' team can help you use NFC today to achieve all of the above. Get in touch now with our sales team to find out how we can help you:

If you aren't thinking about NFC, your competitor is! We look forward to helping you soon,

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