Which mobile OS is most popular in Australia?

On: Dec 14, 2012 Under: Android, Nfc

 "iOS, of course" you say ... well not anymore.

Android eating appleThe landscape is changing constantly, but a large shift was reported this week and may very well pose the changing of the guard for dominance in mobile operating systems in Australia.

Australia's love affair with Apple

Australia is one of the highest penetration markets for smart phone use and we use our phone more than most markets in the world, according to Telsyte research director Foad Fadaghi. Casting our mind back, it seems that iPhones have always been well over half of our smart phones. 

Android eating apples from the tree
What has changed?

Well nothing in a hurry, that is for sure. For a long time Android powered handsets have been luring users away in their handfuls, and they are simply staying away.

The Samsung Galaxy III has clearly led the way for the last tranche of market share erosion, but so too the HTC One X, Sony Experias and the myriad other smart phones. 

In fact 9 out of 10 of the top selling phones has NFC hardware on board, no prizes for guessing which is the phone without it! For how long I wonder...?

This is all good for NFC

NFC based businesses and developers all take heart from this continuing trend. Clearly unabated by iPhone 5 or the Mini Pad, more NFC phones and tablets means more NFC users, app development and greater opportunities to take advantage of the benefits of NFC in so many services and products.

Read the full article here and feel free to leave your comments below on what you think this means for NFC or for Apple.

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