Falls Creek becomes first NFC enabled town in Australia

On: Aug 31, 2012 Under: About us, Falls creek

NFC Wireless enables first Australian townNFCWireless.com.au has enabled Falls Creek to become the first town in Australia, and one of very few worldwide, to be fully connected using Near Field Communication (NFC).

NFC is an emerging technology that is set to become an enabler for an estimated $170Bn in Global transactions in the next 3-5 years. 9 of the top 10 selling phone handsets include NFC technology with a myriad of other devices also having the technology on board, the opportunities are looming very large.

The technology provided by NFC Wireless enables NFC-ready customers to connect easily to each of the businesses in Falls Creek, by simply tapping their handset against a NFC sticker at the business premises. This opens up a mobile “Pod” site, which lets people get instant access to a number of local services from their phone, such as buying ski-lift tickets, checking the weather, or even downloading coupons.

Falls Creek Alpine Resort is thrilled to be the first NFC-ready town in Australia,” says Jo Prothero, Marketing Manager, Falls Creek Resort Management. ”Through NFC Wireless we now have over 50 businesses enabled to this exciting new technology, further enhancing Falls Creek’s reputation as one of Australia’s truly unique holiday destinations.”

We have made the technology deployment into a simple, two-step process that takes minutes to set up”, says NFCWireless.com.au Operations Manager, Justine Mittelheuser. “Any company can buy the tag or sign for a few dollars, and then use our on-line tool to set up a mobile ‘pod’ site, which takes no design or technology skills at all. They have a range of services to choose from. These include downloading coupons, discount vouchers, links to social media, and links to web sites”.

This is not the first time that NFC Wireless has pioneered new territory. In 2011, they became the first company in Australia to focus exclusively on selling NFC tags and products.

Being first to market gives us more time to test technologies in the real world, and to understand the practicalities of the technology” says Mittelheuser. “When it comes to NFC, your brand credibility depends on having highly reliable technology – we can add sub-zero temperatures to the long list of conditions we have tested under!”

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